Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remember me?

You know, that crazy girl who talks a lot and makes things with glue and paper? Yeah, that girl. Except, I am a little lost because my glue and paper are packed away somewhere in one of the bagillion boxes in my house right now. Why?

WELL, BECAUSE WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE OF OUR OWN. YEP, A HOUSE. THAT IS ALL MINE.... TO PAINT, TO DECORATE, TO HANG AS MANY PICTURES AS I WANT, TO HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR GUESTS TO SPEND THE NIGHT (Yes Jack, I know you are reading this and you will have a new place to stay by Christmas!!!!). More importantly a house to raise our family, to make new memories, to build our dreams and make our own. I am excited beyond belief.

Sorry for the absence. Life has pretty much been a whirlwind for the last month.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Stuff

So, who is excited about Easter? I am. I can't wait. Not that we have any big plans or anything, but I am still excited. I love the colors, the candy, the eggs, the opportunity, the candy. Oh wait, did I say candy? Silly me, not candy for me, but for Parker. Yes him. Not me. I made the mistake of eating some of those sugar free chocolates last week. Not worth it. Lets just say that there is a warning on the box that YOU MUST HEED. You must. I won't elaborate further.

Nonetheless. I am primed for creativity. I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for cool projects. These play doh eggs look really fun. This easter egg banner looks easy as well. Of course, I had to see what fun stuff Martha was up to. She had some really cute ideas. Envelope bunnies looked easy enough for Parker and I to do together. We need to make some little things for the kids at Miss Maureen's so perhaps we will make those.

And then I happened upon this. Aren't those just beautiful???? But read the directions. Come on Martha. Any project that requires paper and a blender is crazy. Does M really think that people have time to sit and make their own paper and go through the 16 steps (And extra day of drying time)? I just had to laugh.

I am going to make some deviled eggs. I have never done so, but am excited. I LOVE them. I am going to find some yummy, but low in points, snacks for our weekend. We are looking at 12 houses on Saturday. This whole home buying thing is becoming real and I couldn't be more excited.

Life is good. Enjoy the holiday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi!!!! {wildly waving hands above my head}

Hello there! Sorry for my extended absence. Life seems to have gotten in the way over the last few weeks. Mix that with a bit of a creative drought and you get me, Mrs. Absent Minded Blogger.

How bout a quick run down of things over the last month:
- Parker's fun birthday party. Lots of kids, lots of fun, lots of sheet cake leftover. Need I say more?
- Family in town. So very fun. We got lucky and got to see Grandma and Papa twice in March.
- Parker started Soccer. He has been bumped up to the 6-7 league which is quite competitive. Very different from last season.
- It snowed. Yep, Parker got a snow day for a birthday present. Did I get pictures? Some of the snow, but not of Lil P. Shame on me.
- I had to get a mole biopsied. I had a malignant melanoma when I was in tenth grade and have not been the best about getting screened every year like I am supposed to. Lo and behold, the dr. found something that she wanted to check. Luckily, everything was fine and benign. (Hey, that would make a great t-shirt, "Fine and Benign"- i like it)
- I started Weight Watchers. I lost 6 pounds in a week. It works, lemme tell you. I have now gotten the hubs on board so we are point counting fools. Last night, I had Parker hold up a french fry and ask "Is this 10 points?".
- Did some fun crafty things. Didn't take pictures. Will do that this weekend and add them next week.
- Got my hair chopped off really short. I really like it. Did I take pictures of it? What do you think? Nope.
- Settled about $600K worth of cases at work.

That's about it. What have you been up to?