Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whew! I'm tired

1100 miles
5 iced coffees
8 Diet Cokes
3 Audio books
2 hotel rooms
2 sleepless nights
5 tanks of gas
7 potty breaks
4 100 calorie Cheese It packs
1 pack of double stuffed oreos (Hey, I eat when I am stressed)
1 steak
10 boxes of glassware
4 boxes of photo albums
1 mirror
2 pictures
24 glasses
2 glass pitchers
4 vases
2 2-tier cake stands
8 pillows
18 hours driving time
45 hours total time gone from my boys
2 days off work
and too many tears to count.

I said goodbye to a place where I grew up. My grandparents house sold and I drove to Arkansas to pack stuff up. I brought many, many memories home with me. So sad to see it go. So very glad to be home.