Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Hey everyone! {crickets chirping}

Anyone miss me? {complete silence}

Well, it's been so long, I won't be surprised if this is simply a letter to myself. To put it simply, life got busy. Baseball, school,baseball, work, baseball, halloween, baseball, birthday parties, and all that fun stuff. Did I mention that Parker played baseball? HA!

Well, baseball is over for a whole 3 months! So, we can get back into our semi normal routine. Yay!. I thrive on routine. Monotony is my thing. Plus, with some extra downtime comes extra craft time for Moi!!! I read blogs all the time and have a bagillion ideas. Now I might actually find the time to make them happen.

Wanna see a few things I have up my sleeve for the holidays? This is our first Christmas in the new house, so I am super excited to decorate the place up!

First off, I guess you would call our front doors "French doors". There's two of them, so I need two wreaths. (Please forgive me if I sound ignorant, I really don't know if you call them double doors or french doors). But I digress...... Eddie Ross posted this tutorial for the ornament wreath. I spied some great bulbs at, of all places, The Dollar Tree. I believe they are plastic but they look pretty darn good, so I am going to give it a try. Our front porch isn't covered so plastic maybe better. I am thinking I can do both wreaths for about $30. Not bad!

Next up, I am going to hit up the local Goodwill for some gently loved sweaters. I want to make these adorable stockings to line my bannisters. life in grace has been posting 12 days to a homemade Christmas and I love these stockings. So cute and so easy! I have been needing to get my sewing area all set up and this inspires me to do just that!

The next thing also comes from life in grace. Banners!!! Banners and burlap are both pretty popular in the world of crafts right now. While I was at Hancock Fabrics the other day, I found that they make it is COLORS!!! Who knew? I got cream and red and cannot wait to use it. I have a feeling I may be going back for more. Here is a picture of the banner that I am going to try:
Don't be surprised if these pop up for all seasons! Aren't they cute???

Well, I think that's is for now. I'll keep searching and report back with more cuteness. For now I'll leave you with this:

Definetly not christmas-y, but I couldn't resist. What is you made the layers green, white and red? How cute would that be?????