Monday, February 16, 2009

17 things on the 17th

1. Our adoption hearing was supposed to be today and got postponed.

2. I saw the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" on Sunday and am just so dang happy that I don't ever have to date again. I really didn't like that game. However, I won the grand prize so I am happy now.

3. I was reminded yesterday of the power of friendship. I forget how important girl time is until I have it.

4. My baby boy is turning 6 next week. I am really sad about that. (He was three when this picture was taken at our wedding..... sob.)

5. I will be 30 in 5 months. I have always wanted to be thirty. For some odd reason it was my dream age. Now that it is here, I am really freaked out by it. Don't ask me why.

6. I made a piece of carrot cake last almost 3 days. Seriously, that never happens. I love carrot cake ALMOST more than cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Almost.

7. House hunting is not nearly as exciting as I once believed.

8. I really need to get creative tonight. I can tell when I haven't been. I start getting a little depressed. Art is my therapy.

9. I actually considered downloading the Beach Boys Greatest Hits onto my Ipod this weekend. Don't ask me why, just a whim.

10. I got hooked on this last week. It is one of the most addicting things ever.

11. I am excited about Scrap Chic's two birthday party this weekend. Lots of giveaways and cool people.

12. We had a 30 minute discussion last night about Christmas Elves with Parker. He brought it up, don't ask me why. He said he wants another elf for his birthday?????????

13. This post was originally titled 16 things on the 16th but I never finished it yesterday.

14. I am really excited to see everyone next weekend at Parker's birthday party.

15. Parker starts soccer in two weeks. He got bumped up to the 6-7 team even though his birthday was after the cut off. He is like a young Pele.... ok not really, but he is good. (I also have a feeling we are going to have to buy new cleats- his feet have grown since October- BOO)

16. We got a great report last week from Parker's teacher although he seems to have a bit of a talking problem. As in, talking too much. I have NO idea where on earth he gets that from {insert sarcasm}. Ha!

17. I got Mike one of those music cards for Valentine's Day. It sang "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore". I thought it was by Air Supply, so it would have been perfect for my cheesy music loving husband. Never knew that it was by REO Speedwagon. Equally cheesy enough. We know about Mike's love for Air Supply though.... don't even get me started.