Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back

Yikes- moving consumes you. It consumes every waking moment. I have been looking at paint colors, decor ideas, tv's, refrigerators, and drywall repair. You name it, I have google'd it. So, that explains my absence. So many times it crossed my mind "Hey, that would be something funny to blog about. But, I never got around to it.

So here I am. The house is slowly becoming more familiar and things are finding their place ever so slowly. We are getting into routines and life is good. I can honestly tell you that the screened in porch is worth every single penny that we paid for this little haven. I love that room. We have eaten dinner out there every single night. It is peaceful. In the hectic pace of moving, I often found myself out there, in my folding chair, for a 5 minute reprieve.

So, this weekends project is to get moved into my scrap space. I am so excited. I need to get back into playing with paper. I need to paint. I need to have some "me" time down in the basement. It is my top priority this weekend. Well that and touch up the paint around the window treatments, finish hanging pictures, plant some herbs, go grocery shoping, texturize the bathroom walls and repair the two holes in the wall. Thats about it.

I promise to not be a stranger anymore. To return with some witty, entertaining stories and pictures. You know, all that fun stuff that I am known for.
Ok, not really......