Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember me?

Gosh, it's been forever since I have visited this thing. Sorry for the long break off. Life has been crazy but great. I can't even begin to summarize everything that has happened so I will only promise to start blogging more often. I'll be back to show you some fun projects I've been working on. Lots of fun stuff is in the works at the Jacobs household.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Hey everyone! {crickets chirping}

Anyone miss me? {complete silence}

Well, it's been so long, I won't be surprised if this is simply a letter to myself. To put it simply, life got busy. Baseball, school,baseball, work, baseball, halloween, baseball, birthday parties, and all that fun stuff. Did I mention that Parker played baseball? HA!

Well, baseball is over for a whole 3 months! So, we can get back into our semi normal routine. Yay!. I thrive on routine. Monotony is my thing. Plus, with some extra downtime comes extra craft time for Moi!!! I read blogs all the time and have a bagillion ideas. Now I might actually find the time to make them happen.

Wanna see a few things I have up my sleeve for the holidays? This is our first Christmas in the new house, so I am super excited to decorate the place up!

First off, I guess you would call our front doors "French doors". There's two of them, so I need two wreaths. (Please forgive me if I sound ignorant, I really don't know if you call them double doors or french doors). But I digress...... Eddie Ross posted this tutorial for the ornament wreath. I spied some great bulbs at, of all places, The Dollar Tree. I believe they are plastic but they look pretty darn good, so I am going to give it a try. Our front porch isn't covered so plastic maybe better. I am thinking I can do both wreaths for about $30. Not bad!

Next up, I am going to hit up the local Goodwill for some gently loved sweaters. I want to make these adorable stockings to line my bannisters. life in grace has been posting 12 days to a homemade Christmas and I love these stockings. So cute and so easy! I have been needing to get my sewing area all set up and this inspires me to do just that!

The next thing also comes from life in grace. Banners!!! Banners and burlap are both pretty popular in the world of crafts right now. While I was at Hancock Fabrics the other day, I found that they make it is COLORS!!! Who knew? I got cream and red and cannot wait to use it. I have a feeling I may be going back for more. Here is a picture of the banner that I am going to try:
Don't be surprised if these pop up for all seasons! Aren't they cute???

Well, I think that's is for now. I'll keep searching and report back with more cuteness. For now I'll leave you with this:

Definetly not christmas-y, but I couldn't resist. What is you made the layers green, white and red? How cute would that be?????

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whew! I'm tired

1100 miles
5 iced coffees
8 Diet Cokes
3 Audio books
2 hotel rooms
2 sleepless nights
5 tanks of gas
7 potty breaks
4 100 calorie Cheese It packs
1 pack of double stuffed oreos (Hey, I eat when I am stressed)
1 steak
10 boxes of glassware
4 boxes of photo albums
1 mirror
2 pictures
24 glasses
2 glass pitchers
4 vases
2 2-tier cake stands
8 pillows
18 hours driving time
45 hours total time gone from my boys
2 days off work
and too many tears to count.

I said goodbye to a place where I grew up. My grandparents house sold and I drove to Arkansas to pack stuff up. I brought many, many memories home with me. So sad to see it go. So very glad to be home.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A case of the wants vs. the must haves

If there is one thing this whole moving experience has taught me(beside how important deoderant is) it is this: Be patient for the wants, be gracious for the must haves. As is the case with a new house, I have been wanting everything: new bedding, new decor, new pictures, new towels.... you name it. However, with the state of the world being what it is, I have tried to take the time to stand back and realize all that I do have. In unpacking my scrap room this weekend I was amazed by the sheer amount of "STUFF" I have for that one room. Way more than I think I could ever use in this lifetime, even if I made 2 scrapbooks a week. Again, the wants. The material things.

The must haves: people to love, a roof over your head, health, happiness, food to eat. And you know what? We have that. In abundance.

So, if you come to my house, it may not have the best art on the walls. And yes, I do have a mixture of black, gold, and silver frames above the mantel. But you know what? I have all of the must haves and for that I am eternally grateful. (And no I am not using this post as an excuse my my crappy decorating skills- ha ha. Just make sure to focus on the pictures and not the frames. Or the wallpaper with orange flowers. Or the holes in the walls.... they add a certain uniqueness to the place.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back

Yikes- moving consumes you. It consumes every waking moment. I have been looking at paint colors, decor ideas, tv's, refrigerators, and drywall repair. You name it, I have google'd it. So, that explains my absence. So many times it crossed my mind "Hey, that would be something funny to blog about. But, I never got around to it.

So here I am. The house is slowly becoming more familiar and things are finding their place ever so slowly. We are getting into routines and life is good. I can honestly tell you that the screened in porch is worth every single penny that we paid for this little haven. I love that room. We have eaten dinner out there every single night. It is peaceful. In the hectic pace of moving, I often found myself out there, in my folding chair, for a 5 minute reprieve.

So, this weekends project is to get moved into my scrap space. I am so excited. I need to get back into playing with paper. I need to paint. I need to have some "me" time down in the basement. It is my top priority this weekend. Well that and touch up the paint around the window treatments, finish hanging pictures, plant some herbs, go grocery shoping, texturize the bathroom walls and repair the two holes in the wall. Thats about it.

I promise to not be a stranger anymore. To return with some witty, entertaining stories and pictures. You know, all that fun stuff that I am known for.
Ok, not really......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remember me?

You know, that crazy girl who talks a lot and makes things with glue and paper? Yeah, that girl. Except, I am a little lost because my glue and paper are packed away somewhere in one of the bagillion boxes in my house right now. Why?

WELL, BECAUSE WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE OF OUR OWN. YEP, A HOUSE. THAT IS ALL MINE.... TO PAINT, TO DECORATE, TO HANG AS MANY PICTURES AS I WANT, TO HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR GUESTS TO SPEND THE NIGHT (Yes Jack, I know you are reading this and you will have a new place to stay by Christmas!!!!). More importantly a house to raise our family, to make new memories, to build our dreams and make our own. I am excited beyond belief.

Sorry for the absence. Life has pretty much been a whirlwind for the last month.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Stuff

So, who is excited about Easter? I am. I can't wait. Not that we have any big plans or anything, but I am still excited. I love the colors, the candy, the eggs, the opportunity, the candy. Oh wait, did I say candy? Silly me, not candy for me, but for Parker. Yes him. Not me. I made the mistake of eating some of those sugar free chocolates last week. Not worth it. Lets just say that there is a warning on the box that YOU MUST HEED. You must. I won't elaborate further.

Nonetheless. I am primed for creativity. I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for cool projects. These play doh eggs look really fun. This easter egg banner looks easy as well. Of course, I had to see what fun stuff Martha was up to. She had some really cute ideas. Envelope bunnies looked easy enough for Parker and I to do together. We need to make some little things for the kids at Miss Maureen's so perhaps we will make those.

And then I happened upon this. Aren't those just beautiful???? But read the directions. Come on Martha. Any project that requires paper and a blender is crazy. Does M really think that people have time to sit and make their own paper and go through the 16 steps (And extra day of drying time)? I just had to laugh.

I am going to make some deviled eggs. I have never done so, but am excited. I LOVE them. I am going to find some yummy, but low in points, snacks for our weekend. We are looking at 12 houses on Saturday. This whole home buying thing is becoming real and I couldn't be more excited.

Life is good. Enjoy the holiday.