Monday, December 15, 2008

Holly Jolly Monday

SO, what a weekend. A completely terrific weekend. I got a Christmas Bonus on Friday, had a good visit with my parents on Saturday followed by a terric meal at Prime for my firm dinner. Yesterday Mike and I got out and got our Christmas shopping down. Whew. I was really surprised that Toys R Us wasn't a complete madhouse. It seemed like all the cards fell into places this weekend. I LOVED IT. Unfortunately today I am leaving work early to have a root canal. It wasn't enough that I just spent $5000 in dental work. So, here goes another grand. But, you know what.... I feel extremely lucky that we can get this done without having to miss a mortgage payment or groceries or some other necessity just for me to get rid of this pain. We are extremely lucky and even more blessed. I want to do my "pay it forward" for the season but haven't quite figured out just where or when to do so.
I am also finishing up some christmas projects that are super fun. I want Parker and I to make paper ring garland for our little trees in the foyer and there is a gingerbread house kit with our names written all over it. This will be my first gingerbread house and I am really excited to see how it turns out.
So, lots of Christmas stuff going on. Can you believe that 10 days from today is Christmas????? Yikes! I am a lot to do to get ready but I am surprisingly calm. I just want to sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends. Bring it on- I can't wait.