Saturday, December 6, 2008

Remember me?

Seriously guys- it is 4:53 on Saturday morning and this is the first time I have had a chance to blog in almost 2 weeks. Work has been crazy as has life in general. It doesnt help that I have become obsessed with the Vampire books, so every spare minute has become an opportunity to read.
As usual, the holidays are such a busy season. Mike and I put our tree last night. This is the big tree- I alread have 4 smaller trees up. Can you tell someone hit up the after Christmas sales last year? Once it is up, I will be happy. I dont like all of the set up. Trying to clear out the normal everyday things laying around to make space for the Christmas stuff- yeah I don't like it. But once it is all up, it is a masterpiece to behold.
As I type, I have the Britney special playing on on demand. I just heard that she is coming in concert in March and I would really like to go. Mike said that he would go to many concerts of different people I listen to, but Brit Brit would never be on that list. I might try to persuade Anne and Angie to go. Silly I know, but I didn't make it to the NKOTB concert so this would be the next big cheesefest.
Today is a "free" day for me. A day to decorate, read, scrapbook, and attempt to make some christmas ornaments.

Yeah- just a typical day around the Jacobs household.... oh wait. I must have dozed off because that will most definetly NOT happen. A girl can dream right? hee hee
Oh and those Christmas cards that I said I would get out today..... Um well....I don't even have a goos Christmas pictures done. Yeah- I hope to get them done this weekend.
Oh life..... must it always get it the way of our plans?