Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Mumblings....

Happy Monday Everyone. Today is a good day on many levels. 1. I woke up to a clean house. My wonderful hubby really spiffy-ed up the place while I was out eating and shopping with my girlfriends. How lucky am I? 2. My house is all decorated for Christmas and the evidence of such is safely back in the shed. I think this is the most organized we have ever been with Christmas preparedness. It feels good. 3. I have a cool new brown hairdo. I love my new color. Yay- it just looks "Christmasey" (is that even a word and if it is, is it spelled correctly?). 4. I got a fantabulous new candle yesterday that just makes my house smell yummy. Anne also gave me some evergreen spray so I sprayed it on the fake tree to make it smell real. It think I went a little overboard so Mike, if you read this before you get home, be prepared for a big piney gust to blow in your face. It will get less and less as the day progresses.

So, I have been browsing at some things that I want for Christmas, not that I need them or will get htem, but it is good to have some things in my mind if I should win the lottery or find a mysterious $1,000,000 bill laying on the ground.
The first thing is something that I really, really need. Like, seriously bad. I need it so bad that I am going to get one after work (get your dirty minds out of the gutter). A hairdryer. Yep, mine broke this morning. Actually the buttong that turns the thing on and off broke. It was stuck in the on position. I had to unplug it to turn it off. Now this makes the third hairdryer that has broken on me this year. Yep. I am rough on those things. You have to remember that I spend 45 minutes on my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. Wear it curly and sleep later is what many of you would say. Well, you obviously haven't seen this mess that is called my hair.
I also want to fill my houses with artwork by Rodney White. His stuff is so great. I had his calendar last year and am getting another one this year. Not only is his work colorful and vintagy looking, he actually puts some really cool messages in the art as well.

What's better is that he is from Atlanta. I love his stuff. Seriously guys, if you haven't checked out this guys stuf, you really need to. I have even seen a few of his pieces at Target....... (wink, wink)
I am also wanting the expedit bookshelves from Ikea. I seriously need to get a better organzing system in my scrap room. BAD! I can't even take pictures in there because it is so bad. Yikes- I need help.
So anyway. A little something about nothing. Have a happy Monday. Eat a piece of chocolate.