Monday, November 10, 2008

Ai yi yi

I think I was home for a total of maybe 6 hours this weekend. Busy, busy. But very good. I has my first booth this weekend at the Fall Festival at Parker's school. What a fun time. I learned some tips about what I need to do in the future and what not to do as well. For anyone reading this that I may have met this weekend, Hello. Welcome to my blog. Here are some pictures.

I also got to see Mr. Patrick yesterday afternoon. He was absolutely adorable as usual. He got baptised yesterday. Angie's mom had a beautiful party afterwards. Yummy food and good friends. I love hanging out with them. Both Angie's and Toby's family are just the sweetest people. There was a huge cake that said God Bless You Patrick, but by the time I was leaving the thing said "God Patrick". It made me giggle.

I got an idea from a christmas workshop that I am taking online. You can cover a cereal box with patterned papers, sew in some blank sheets of paper into the "spine" and make a cute little kids journal. I thought this would be perfect for Parker to take with us when we head to Jack and Katy's in a few weeks. He can draw some pictures in there that represent all the fun things we do up in NC. Using clipart from Microsoft, I created a cute little cover for the book.

I promise to take photos of the individual books that I created for the show this past weekend. I want to get a separate gallery posted of samples of my work. I will get that done this week.

So, still busy as usual, but things are good. As I have said before, being busy shows that you have a purpose. Whether it be motherly duties, household duties, work commitments, ets, you have a greater purpose. EIt is all part of a greater plan and I do not intend to buck the system.