Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Procrastination no more

I admit it. I am bad about correspondence. I can talk on the phone during my time in the car and that is about it. I think I am pretty good about email as well. But letters and cards.....well, I suck. I never did Christmas cards until last year. I gave individual cards to people when I gave them their gifts, but never did a mass mailing to many many people. All of my friends are so good about it that it makes me feel kinda guilty. For a minute. They are organized and on the ball. Not me. I am thinking that my creative mind tends to make me rather unorganized and messy. Non conventional in some ways. But it works for me so, what the heck. And my friends know me and still love me just the same (Christmas card or not).
Until today.
I ordered my Christmas cards a month ago. They came in last night and I have already assembled them all. We are going to take Parker's Christmas picture this weekend. All I have to do is print address labels and stuff the pictures in and I am done. I vow to have my cards out by December 6. And I feel really good about that. I am actually on the ball for once. Now if I can just find time to pull together everything else. Mike wants to get the Christmas stuff up in the house before we leave for North Carolina in two weeks. I think he remembers last year when we were literally putting stuff out about 3 days before Christmas. Some years I am gung ho, but others I simply lack the Christmas spirit. This year will be a good year. I am feeling it. If you haven't noticed, I already have my Christmas tunes over there on the side of the blog. I was so happy to find the Hippopotamus song. Love it.
A tradition that we started last year was the "Elf on a Shelf". Santa brings Joe (the elf that Parker got to name) to our house after Thanksgiving. Joe watches Parker during the day and flies home to report to Santa every night. The next morning, Joe is in a different spot and Parker has to find him. This goes on until Christmas day and then Joe flies home for the year. Joe even went to school with Parker last year for extra encouragement. Parker has already asked about Joe this year. The challenge for us parents is to find creative places to hide him. I love watching Parker's face when he finds him. In fact, seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is the best part of the holiday season. I love watching Parker do anything Christmas related. Last year we had the best time decorating gingerbread men. I think we might try to tackle a gingerbread house this year. Hopefully, Parker will be game to sitting in Santa's lap. Anyone that knows Parker knows that he has a fear of "Dress ups" or dressed up characters and costumes. He has been too scared to sit in Santa's lap for the last two years or so. Poor guy. I hope it gets better soon. We have told him that we can't go the Disney until his fear subsides.
For those of you who know about our current situation we are in with the ex, please pray. The papers just went out this morning and we now have to play the waiting game. I am so nervous and scared but I know that whatever happens, happens. It will all be OK no matter what.
Well, have a great day. I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will be a little less hectic and full of fun. With my two boys, the fun abounds. I'm one lucky gal.