Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do you ever have those days...

when you have absolutely nothing to say. Well, today my friends is one of those days. Nothing bad, nothing good, just nothing. Kinda boring this week. I locked my keys in my car this morning when I ran into the gas station. Thank goodness MIkey was close and brought me a spare key. Where would I be without him? Well, technically, I would be in a cold parking lot, sitting around, drinking a starbucks energy drink, trying to figure what Macgyver would do in that situation. Luckily, that did not have to happen. Actually, a funny thought just popped into my head. One time I locked myself out of my old townhouse. I managed to pry the window of the back door down just a tad and use a hanger and a rubber band to retrieve the spare key off the hook on the kitchen wall. Yeah, I'm good like that.
So anyway, I'd better get back to work. Been really busy. My brain is actually having to process important information instead of the useless stuff that normally goes in. Hey, did you know that Australia have 24,000 miles of shoreline? Ok- well now you do, so go find a way to work that into a conversation today. Have a good one.