Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have had some not-so-fun crap going on around me for the last few days. Lots of tears and such. Apparently, stress can lead to broken blood vessels in your eyes. I look horrid and have to wear my glasses until it heals. Yuck o. So, in an attempt to make myself laugh I have lots of options.
1. Hang out with Parker. He has become a stand up comic overnight. I often find myself laughing hysterically while listening to him tell a story. Blessings now wear crazy clothing combinations and draw with markers all over their bodies. At least mine does. I will post the Parker stand up video tonight. It is classic.
2. Watch mindless tv. I watched The Hills and Dr. 90210 last night for 3 hours. Great stuff.
3. Peruse this website: Oh my gosh, they have some great stuff.

4. Read the Pioneer woman blog. Funny lady on a ranch with 4 kids and a husband she calls Marlboro Man. Funny stuff, lemme tell ya.
5. Youtube-ing funny videos. Type in "I love Potatoes" in the search box and see the video that comes up. Parker and I watched that to no end. We also really like the swiffer commercials with the song "Baby Come Back" in them.
6. curling up with Mike and the couch and watching Bill Mohr. Yes, I really like that show. I know it doesn't quite line up with my views but its pretty dang good. Plus, my husband thinks it is sexy when I get intersted in politics. That's really why I watch. Hee Hee.
Gosh, just compiling lists like this makes me happy. All is well with the owrld again. Peace out.