Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things about me:

I have been tagged by my friend Lydia!

1. I am an only child.
2. My favorite color is green
3. I am a paralegal for a civil firm.
4. I long to do something creative with my life instead of type pleadings and discovery all day long.
5. I have been told I am a drama queen.
6. I love making people laugh.
7. I am currently learning how to sew and quilt.
8. I am the klutziest person you will ever meet!
9. I have a black lab named Allie (that we named after The Notebook)
10. I teach classes at a local scrapbook store and design stuff for them as well.
11. I think my husband is the smartest man I have ever met. And most loving. And most patient. And best looking.
12. I talk to myself when I cook and imagine I am on a cooking show.
13. I love cupcakes and anything with cupcakes on them.
14. I still have a red head temper even though the red hair has faded a bit.
15. I love to watch the Disney Channel at night with Parker.
16. I love my friends and consider them to be like sisters.
17. My favorite perfume just got discontinued and I am in mourning (Brown Sugar and Fig at BBW)
18. We are in the process of having my husband adopt my son. I am so very excited.
19. I NEVER want to plan a wedding ever again. I hated it.
20. I hate roaches. I get paralyzed with fear whenever I see one. I have called my hubby and had him come home from work to kill one.
21. I have never owned a brand new car.
22. I am buying a new house this summer.
23. I am not a neat person. Rather unorganized.
24. I have watched Wedding Crashers, The Notebook, and Mean Girls at least 100 times.
25. I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order.


Lydia said...

Thanks for playing along! Only children have to stick together, ya know?