Friday, January 16, 2009

Couch to.....couch

Ok, so as discussed earlier, I was starting to do the couch to 5K program. I was ready to sign up for my first 5K that was going to be at the end of March. That was all fine and good until last Saturday night. I was going to let Allie, the sweetest doggie in the world, inside when I slipped on the stairs. I fell right smack on my tush. Unfortuately, Mike and Parker weren't at home, so I laid at the bottom of the steps for 15 minutes. I seriously felt like that old lady in those commercials who said "I've fallen and I can't get up". So sad but true.
I spent 4 days laying on the couch in serious pain. I finally came back to work yesterday. I am having to sit on one of those foam doughnut cushions- and there is an 80 year old man on the box that it came in. Again, sad but true. I think this might be nature's way of subtly letting me know that my 30th birthday is in 6 months. Obviously Mother Nature thinks she has a sense of humor. I disagree.
So, other that that, no other news. I am gearing up to teach two classes at Scrap Chic in the next month. One class is all about organizing your scrapbook stash. I seriously had to laugh when Tonya presented me with this venture because I am one of the most unorganized people in the world. But, I digress. I am going to at least be able to show you ways in which to make your organizational material LOOK pretty dang good. Using fabric, dollar store finds, and lots of other cool stuff. I am also teaching a "Handy Dandy Address Book" class. I merely told Tonya that I wanted to make a cute little address book, for my own personal use, and..... VOILA, it became a class. Should be fun. I love teaching, so I am super excited.
Before the fall last weekend, we went out to the Yellow River Game Ranch. Mike and Little P had gone before but I never had. It was seriously one of the most fun things we have done in quite some time. Cheap too! We had such a good time. Next on the to do list is to make a trip to Snow Mountain. I will only watch, not participate because I just might end up breaking something. I am too clutzy on solid ground so I better not push it. Parker will love it.

On a totally unrelated note, I found this picture of Angie and I 10 years ago. My how young we look. Another reminder that 30 is right around the corner. I want to go back 10 years and 60 pounds, but still have Mike and Parker in my life. Guess it isn't possible because that would mean that I was 13 when I gave birth. Nevermind- that's just weird.

Have a great weekend. I promise to be a better blogger next week.


Lydia said...

The "I've fallen and I can't get up" quote made me laugh out loud! I fell half way down our stairs this past Sunday night and all week have been nursing a rainbow bruise that covers half of my arm. I hope WE feel better soon! Got your email and I'm up for a sewing class! I will reply to the email soon.