Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm alive..

Just not around. Life has been really crazy lately. It seems that all I do is work and heat/ice my sore bum. It sucks. If I had to have a broken bone, I wish it could be an arm or a leg. This tailbone thing is for the birds. Sitting at work is really hurting. The doughnut is pretty uncomfortable. All I do is complain. Yadda yadda yadda. The folks at work seem to love having me haul boxes, walk around and deliver documents to the courthouse, and crawl around on the floor to find out why our modem has been beeping sporadically. You know... all the things that I should NOT be doing. Quite literally, a real pain in the ass.

Watching Parker turn into a real little man has been really fun lately. Yesterday was his 100th day of school so they had to bring in 100 of something. He chose pennies and buttons, so he took 100 of each. Much to my surprise, that child sat and counted to 100 twice. With no mistakes. I was amazed. I could swear it was just last week that we were impressed he could count to 30. He also has his first spelling test tomorrow. Wow- that really takes me back in time. He has 4 words: can, ran, man, pan. And he knew them the first time we reveiwed them. Gosh, I am so proud.

I am really looking to the parenting conference that Mike and I are going to this weekend. It is about the 5 mistakes that every parent makes. I am sure that I make at least 5 A DAY. Parker has now taken to bringing me handfuls of change whenever he gets in trouble. I think he is trying to buy his way out. He is always coming up with something. I will elt you know what I learn on Saturday. I am more concerned with being able to sit for 90 minutes. I hope that the place is packed and I will be able to get up and walk around every few minutes. I am going to take my doughnut just in case. How embarassing.

I hope that I feel well enough in the next few days to start quilting. I went to hancock fabrics today and bought some fabric. Fabric doesn't seem to be a problem, it is just getting it pieced and put through a machine that is the issue. One thing at a time is the way I see it.

Well, have a great day. Enjoy being able to sit down without pain. It is a luxury like you would never imagine. (and yes I would like some cheese to go with my whine)