Monday, January 5, 2009

Knitting, Nosebleeds, and other Nonsense

So, I started knitting over the holidays. I have tried in the past but could never quite get the hang of it. Still haven't, but I discovered these handy little things that make it "look" like you have been knitting for years. I really wanted to learn how to "felt" things, but in order to felt, you have to have something TO felt. Hence the knitting. However, you need WOOL yarn. Don't tell that to the four skeins of poly yarn I have in my craft room. Oh well.... I am sure I can find another crafty project in which to use that stuff. Back to the knitting. So, I knitted a cap for Little P. Unfortunately, it was way too small. It looked like a kippah (one of those little hats that Jewish men wear-- thanks wikipedia). So needless to say, my knitting skills leave much to be desired. I did by a new loom that will help me knit a scarf. Don't be surprised if you get some funky looking socks- as they will be casualties of made-to-short scarves.

Next is nosebleeds. Parker has gotten them on a very frequent basis lately. Oh my goodness, I have never had an aversion to blood. It generally doesn't bother me. But when the blood is coming out of my precious son's body at an extremely rapid pace, one can get a little, um, hysterical. Me, not the kid. The other night he had it coming out of his nose and mouth. He calmly looked up at me and said, "Mom, my mouth and my nose are connected so it is just coming down into my mouth. It isn't bad." Yeah, a 5 yeah old basically telling his mother to chill out. After a quick trip to the dr on Friday, I was assured that it is normal and is nothing to get upset over. He isn't suffering from a brain hemmorhage and he isn't going to bleed to death. Thank you Lord!! Some might say I am a bit of a drama queen, but when blood is coming out of a child's mouth, I tend to fear the worst. But Alas, all is well.

And in addition to my fears being put to rest at the dr on Friday, we also learned that Parker has gained 7 pounds in the last 2 months. You know what that means? We will be making another trip to the store for blue jeans. All those slims I just bought are going in the recycle to worthy kids bin. I really was foolish enough to believe that one hellish trip for pants fulfilled my duty for the season, but apparently not. So, I guess that will be on the agenda for the night. Parker had been telling us that they were tight but we, the stellar parents that we are, just told him to give it some time and they will loosen up. Not so much. I'll take crappy parenting for $200, Alex. Go us!

Mike and I officially started training for the Peachtree Road Race yesterday. Mike did way better than I did. I quit early because I swore that the tendons in my ankles were going to tear away from the bone if I moved another inch. Man, for a non-runner trying to become a runner......... THIS SUCKS. How do those skinny people in my neighborhood make it look so easy? I am just going to set small goals for myself. Jog for 60 seconds for every 5 minutes of walking. Baby steps, right? As far as the diet is concerned, I am taking the same approach. Make it through till noon without wanting to consume every cupcake this side of the Mississippi. Then continue with that same notion through until bedtime. Repeat the next day. I need to work on the mental portion of it all. By yesterday afternoon, I was ready to kill a small animal to get my hands on a pint of Ben and Jerry's. But I didn't, I ate a pickle. That is a cucumber, so that counts right? I can do this. I know I can. I just have to put my mind to it. (I wish I could think of some corny phrase to sign out with but I can't. (If I had sugar, I might be witty but I will just be dull now) I'm starving and have a nice day.