Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Years

and all that jazz..... Gosh- I got all caught up in the holiday festivities which is a good thing. It also explains why I haven't posted in forever. Lots of food was consumed, lots of fun was had by all, and lots of wonderful memories were made. I think Parker got what he wanted from Santa- not so much with the parental units. We got him educational stuff which apparently was so not cool. But, it was still great. I am dreading the fact that I have to go back to work on Monday and work 5 whole days. Having to work 2 or 3 days a week suits me well, so it is kinda yucky to go back to the same ole, same ole. Oh well.

Let's see, how about some Holiday highlights?
- I knitted a hat for Parker
- I made sausage balls for the first time and they were really not good
- Parker snuck into the garage on Christmas Eve and found his new bike, but Mikey was able to come up with a good story and all was well with the world again
- lunch and shopping with Angie and Anne for our annual ornament exchange
- learned to play guitar hero and totally rocked it out multiple times
- stayed up past 12 on NYE
- reorganized Parker's playroom but didn't take before and after pictures
- rearranged my scraproom but again, forgot to take before and after pictures
- had a great time hanging out with family including going to ESPN Sports Zone with Mike's cousin Joey and his wife, Desiree
- utilized the Bionic Eye that Parker got from my parents and looked up noses, inside ears, zoomed in on table salt, and examined a live mosquito
- got a great picture of my neice in a batman mask
- watched my son have a wonderful Christmas which was the greatest gift of all.
- and got lots of sleep

So, now we are in 2009. I have very high hopes for this year. Mike and I are planning on completing the Peachtree Road Race in July. We have already modified our eating habits and started the couch to 5K program today.

Life is good. Christmas was crazy. I realized that I am surrounded by so many people that I love and that love me. I simply couldn't ask for more. I am a lucky girl.

Here are some photos from the season: