Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm trying hard....

to stick to this diet. But, I must confess. I CHEATED. I did, I'm guilty. Today I had a meeting with a client for over 2 hours and I missed lunch. I was so hungry and I was starting to get shaky and lightheaded. I went over to Kroger to get some sushi, but they had one line open and it was clear down an aisle. I couldn't wait- I put the sushi back and left. I needed something fast and I looked up and saw the golden arches.......
It all went downhill from there. I feel bad. Really bad. Like I cheated myself. At least I do feel guilty. Before I would have just said to myself "It's ok, it's just one meal."
Nope. It isn't just one meal. It's a lifestyle. It's means maybe one more week of life. I gotta kick it up. Get committed. Evolve- into a skinnier Amy.


Angie said...

Reasons to feel better about yourself:

1. I just had 2 donuts, a handful of peanut butter M&M's and a cup of coffee (and this is a GOOD day).

2. I am thinking of excuses already about why I don't want to run this afternoon.

3. The Wii said I've gained .7 pounds since last night! Instead of motivating me to excercise I took it personally and turned it off. We are not on speaking terms at this time.