Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And then the sky turned gray....

Circa 1979- Granny and I

Circa 2003- Granny and Parker

Well, I got bad news last night. Don't you hate when things are just happily rolling along, you are skipping thru life whistling a happy tune....... and then BAM! Suddenly your world is turned upside down. Welcome to my world. I found out last night that my granny has been diagnosed with bone cancer. I thought that she was just having surgery to insert a rod into her femur. I know that sounds scary, but I was told that it would be a simple procedure and that she would be able to jump on a trampoline afterwards. So, to now have the word cancer associated with it, puts it on a whole separate level. I feel so helpless, but I am so comforted by the thought that she has Eldon and his family down there with her to help and take care of her. I am hoping to be able to go down there sometime soon.
So, the course of treatment is still relatively unknown since it is all so new. I know that she is coming home from the hospital today and that she will start radiation next week. I just hang onto the thought that God will hold her in His hand and take care of her and comfort those around her. I am so glad I went down to see her last month. I truly believe that there was divine intervention there. I feel so much more at peace.