Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok, I hate Mondays but......

Dark, Rainy Mondays are way worse. I wanted to just sleep in and be lazy. Unfortunately, it is the real world and I need money, so I had to drag myself out and try to be productive. Therefore, this stuff is my new best friend: That picture shows the regular 6.5 oz. can. I, however, had to succumb to the 15 oz. can to even begin thinking about the day. The weather today was so yuck. I love rainy days but only when I can be inside watching a movie and curled up in my bed. Not when I actually have to get out in it. I knew from the moment I got up that today was going to be a curly day. I knew not to bother with spending an hour blowdrying this maine, only to have it frizz the moment I opened the front door. I have come to know the behavior of my hair and have the knowledge of what day would be a good day to wear a hat. Kinda reminds me of a little diddy from a show that Parker watches on Disney "What's that? A hat? A Crazy Funky Junky hat, overslept hair unslightly, tryin ta look like keira knightley, we've been there we've done that!! We see right through your funky hat!!!" Yep, that sums it all up for me.

So, all in all, we had a great weekend. I was a bit too ambitious on Firday night and did a workout that was meant for college freshman to help beat the dreaded "Freshman 15". Saturday morning came and I realized that I was almost 30 years old and definetly NOT a freshman in college. I could hardly walk. My legs were so sore that I could barely climb the steps. I pulled groin muscles that I didn't even think I had. I soaked in Epsom salts and that didn't even work. Even today (three days later) I am still waddling around a little.

Other than that, this weekend was fun. I got to be creative and lazy. I did get a bunch of cleaning done. Gotta love my dyson vacuum cleaner. Man, that thing is wonderful. I love seeing all the grime, pet hair, and dirt that it picks up. Even vacuuming once or twice a week, I get a ton of stuff up. It is some weird obsession of mine. Parker and I made Kool Aid play doh yesterday. Man, that was so much fun. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. We got out the cookie cutters and made gingerbread men. They talked to each other and we made them clothes. It was a great rainy day activity.

Well, gonna go trudge thru the rest of the day. Hope I don't get too wet- I am wearing a white shirt.......