Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a mess....

Blah. That is how I feel today. BLAH. Yesterday was so yuck that I stared today off just feeling yucky. After standing in about 15 different lines (including the one outside in 95 degree heat for 45 minutes), we finally got all signed up for PTA, got our afterschool care straight, and filled out all 5000 forms with emergency contact information forms. It's all done now and we got to meet Ms. Harris. Parker acted shy when he met her, but as soon as we left he stared with the questions. "Did you see the red table? I want to sit at the red table." "Did you see the books?" "That room looks fun." All in all, I am so excited for him. He is making his way into a new world and, although I am not completely at ease with the idea, I have to let him go explore and find his own way. He isn't a baby anymore. And that fact breaks my heart.
Maybe I feel yucky because I didn't get to go school supply shopping. Parker got into a heap of trouble yesterday and was sent to his room for the afternoon. I guess he got bored because he fell asleep at 4:30 and didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. By the time Mike got home from his ALS hearing I had cooked dinner and gotten all comfy and did not feel like battling the herd at Target. So, tonight I get to do that after work.....and miss my aerobics class. Man, that really stinks.
Speaking of stinking, I had been exercising and eating healthy all week and have GAINED 3 pounds. WTH? How frustrating. I am proud to report that Mikey has lost 6 pounds. Go Mikey Poo!
Well, that is about all I have going on. Sorry to be so blah..... hopefully tomorrow will be better. Heck, it will be Friday, how could it not be better.


Angie said...

Be encouraged! Muscle weighs more than fat. Your body is changing, your muscles are leaner, so even though you've gained, you've really lost...if that makes any sense. I promise! Start measuring your waist and thighs every once in a while. You will notice a bigger change than on the scale. You are doing awesome! Keep it up:)