Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am so very thrilled to report that the first day of school was a HUGE success. Parker seemed to have loved every minute of it. He was talking a mile a minute when Mike and I picked him up last night. He loved math time, story time, recess time, lunch time- the whole bit! He really likes his teacher, Ms. Harris. My heart is so happy knowing that my baby is happy. When he kissed me before bed last night he said "Mommy, I wished it was the morning time so I could go to school again." Ok, say it with me, Awwwwwwwww! What a sweetie.
Let me ask you something..... When you were in kindergarten, did you take a nap every day? I did- I can vividly remember those stupid uncomfortable mats that were comprised of a single layer of foam covered in vinyl. Man, we must have been BAD kids back then. The foam was bad, but then that vinyl that made us sweat uncontrollably. Lordy! What on earth did we do to be punished so much?
Well, kids in the public school system these days do not take naps. Yay! Don't let me lead you to believe that I feel like our children are being served a terrible injustice. NO WAY JOSE. Being a parent now, I think that our parents suffered the injustice when they picked us up after we had taken a nap. They got us when were all riled up. Fair? I think not. Didn't they also only have half day kindergarten? Geez- us kids only had to suffer with the nap mats, but our parents had to suffer with half-day,well-rested children. Yikes!
Well, my whole point about the naps is that Parker got home yesterday and exclaimed that he just wanted to eat dinner and then go to bed. Hallelujah!!!!! For those familiar with the bedtime struggles we have had in the past, you know what a blessing this is. Oh for mommy to have actual mommy time again at night is bliss. Now, if mommy could find a way to get this TMJ pain to stop, I could actually enjoy the mommy time and scrapbook. I will just take things one at a time. Having a child that is asleep by 8:30 is the first one..... check!