Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have no words.....

for the craziness that has ensued this week. Granny is sick, The Ex lost his job so no child support (and all of the insulting text messages that followed my inquiry), my TMJ got so bad the other night that I ended up visiting urgent care and they proceeded to give me a shot of morphine (which didn't even touch the pain), spent yesterday attempting to work while being in a lortab haze, ran various errands to get ready for our trip to FL (we leave this afternoon), ending with me running to the dentist office before we leave today in order to get a nightguard made and get some muscle relaxers (God bless Cindy).
SO, craziness. and lots of tears. I am ready to get off this roller coaster.

One good thing is that I have a healthy child and a wonderful husband, those two things made me remember that it is all going to be ok. I love my many blessings. I did get lucky the other day and won something. I won a project kit from Work in Progress for commenting on their blog. Yay- that lady had no idea how bad I needed that. I am hoping it comes in the mail today before I leave. That will give me something to do down in FL. I know that once I get down there I will enjoy the time to just relax. I got a new Nicholas Sparks book, Parker got a new movie and some new paints and coloring books. Plus Granny and Eldon live on the water so I am sure I will be taking Parker down to the beach. It will be fun. I am ready for a break. Plus, I have to remember to take lots of pictures of Parker with Granny and Eldon. I hope to get enough to make a little book for them when we get back.

Keep us in your thoughts as we make the trip down there and back. It will just be the two of us. Fingers crossed........ Have a great Labor Day.