Monday, August 18, 2008

I love lazy weekends.....

Well, I got caught up making cards this weekend after somewhat of a creative drought. These cards were the way to get my creative juices flowing again. Small and somewhat easy, these were fun. I am not going to be a professional card maker any time soon, but I think it is fun to send people something homemade. So here are some of the cards I created- the owl is my favorite. I also started on some christmas presents. It was so nice to have so much creative time. A trip to Joanns Fabrics really helped to get those juices flowing. There is just so much there. I swear that store makes me want to sew, knit, crochet, paint large canvases, frame lots of pictures, and stamp, cut, stick, glitter and do all sorts of other fun things with paper. Oh, did I mention a side career in floral arrangements as well? Yep, I think I should do that as well. If money grew on trees, I would probably try. Thanks Joanns.

Other than creating, I got a lot of cleaning done and a ton of rest. I love weekends like that. I had no where that I had to be and that was wonderful. Next weekend I have a design team obligation at Scrap Chic Boutique. The theme of the month is friendship and we each had to decorate these jumbo playing cards using different techniques. I am demonstrating rub ons. I already demonstrated glittering stuff up at the last event so I needed to do something new. The fabulous Kitty Foster will be there signing copies of her book Fabulous Friendships. It should be a great time. I love hanging out with all of the other design team folks. It is just like a huge melting pot of creativity.

Well, have a happy Monday. Please keep my granny in your prayers. She had to have emergency surgery on her leg on Friday. I haven't gotten to talk to her yet, so I am still a little nervous. I hate that she lives so far away.

Peace out folks.....