Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas is right around the corner..

Less than three months. And, being the true procrastinator that I am, I am usually the pesky person in the store until it closes on Christmas Eve. I am actually guilty of going to Walgreens on Christmas morning (Yes they are actually open!). So, in an effort to avoid all things stressful, I am starting early this year. I actually have one project 90% finished. Whew! I am trying to find some fun creative things for my child. He rarely plays with toys and we really limit video games and all that stuff. I am trying to get creative. I get so frustrated with toys that lose parts, stuff that gets played with for a few days before the interest is gone, things that are easily broken.... you get it. And as far as clothes go, I have lost all hope of getting him to wear preppy clothes that I love (don't even get me started on that rant). So, I generally have to have him with me to buy clothes. So, this is what I am looking at this year:

Heck- I think it will be fun for the whole family. I love science. I remember having a microscope when I was little and looked at bring shrimp and cells off my tongue. It was great. My dad used to get me these cool kits to build and test all kinds of scientific theories. Remember the potato clock? Those things were cool. So, instead of buying the crap that gets thrown away or broken the first few weeks of January, I am going to get educational. I think it would be great for him and a refresher course in biology for Mike and I. Plus, I can take pictures at each step and that will give me something to scrapbook. Hey, if I come to you wanting to show you a book about a tadpole or the ant farm, humor me. I am trying to mold a smart, scholary person. Hopefully it will be beneficial to Parker as well.