Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh Monday....

Well, the day started out chipper thanks to the help of some starbucks again. All went well...Parker to school (check), Mike up early (check), remember to grab lunch in fridge (check), make my way into work and log into my work email (check). But wait... The date on the most recent email is 10-26-07. Um, what? Yeah- system failure. Our computers were down all day. No emails, no blogs, no fun. It meant I actually had to work. Ha! Just kidding. Because to work you must have a word processing program- which we did NOT have since the system was down. So, I was stranded. I truly thought about going home to get my laptop. Not to work, but to go across the street to Starbicks and browse. Oh well.... one can dream.
So anyway. This weekend was great. While reading through some stuff that Parker brought home last week, I found that the PTA was offering to set up tables for people to pawn their goods. So, the wheels in my head began spinning furiously and I got really excited. I decided to set up and try to sell some of my stuff. Namely the word books. So, I am going to be a busy bee over the next month preparing demos albums. I also have to come up with some display ideas. Oooooh this is so much fun. I am off to order some business cards in just a few monutes.
I did get to meet up with my bestest buddy Angie, along with her hubby Toby and their precious little bundle of joy, Mr. Patrick. Oh my goodness guys, Patrick is sprouting some reddish hair on that perfect little head. Can I tell you how excited I am? I know how happy Ang is. She loves redheads. That is how we became big sis and lil sis in Alpha Gam. She picked me for my red hair. I think it was the best decision she ever made (well, besides marrying Toby and deciding to have a baby and all the really important stuff). We went together like peas and carrots, right from the beginning.
So, this weekend I got a lot of shopping done, found a dress to wear to the wedding, saw my best friend, slept in til 11 each day, and cleaned my house. What a fun weekend.
THis week is a short week for me as I am leaving for MIAMI on Thursday! Miss V is gettin married!! Oooh la la. What a party it is going to be. Can. not. wait.
I love weeks like this.