Saturday, October 11, 2008

My boy...

I just got a recap of this mornings soccer game. Parker got on the phone and (in a sad pitiful voice) said "Mom, it was a rough game. I got pushed on the shoulder and on the back. I got hurt. I think I need to go home and ice up" So I agreed and gave him my sympathy- this was the first time that he has ever had full contact with anyone and been pushed around. From what Mike said, it was a pretty rough team to play. Parker still managed to score 2 goals. Before I got off the phone, Parker asked Mike to talk to me again. He got back on the phone (still in that pitiful voice) said "Mom, I got a cut too." So I told him to have Mike get the bandaids out for him. I assured him that when I got home I would give him lots of TLC.
As Mike was hanging up though, I heard his little voice in the backgroud saying (loud and clear, mind you) "I wanna ride my bike this afternoon, Mikey."
Yeah, the kid is hurt and he wants to ride his bike. He SO has me milked for the fool. And I love it.