Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fun stuff

Since it seems that I have had an abundance of spare time in bed over the last two months (between my jaw and this CRUD), my laptop has become my best friend. I can read blogs till the cows come home and peruse around eclectic little online shops to find stuff that I would love to buy, but never do. So, I have compiled many many favorites. And since I am a generous spirit (or just a plain bored one) I will share some finds with you.

My most favorite would be these

These little jewels are perfect for those folks who are always borrowing your pens yet never return them. "This set of 8 hilarious pens each measure 5" long, guarantee an impression and allows you to have a chuckle at someone else's expense! Pens Read: "Springfield Sexual Addiction Center," "Shecky the Clown-Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Interventions," "Dr. Lance Hughes, Proctology," "Electrolysis Is Us," "Van Nuys Center for Cosmetic Surgery," "Verdant Fields Nudist Camp," "Stuffed with Love Taxidermy," and "Howie's House of Hair." These can be found at

As always, I love etsy. Oh etsy..... such trouble for me to get into. The sheer fact that you can search things by color is so dangerous. Anything green is always on my list. As well as anything personalized, vintage, shabby chic, or involving cupcakes- they all lead me into temptation. Oh deliver me from evil......

from The Paper Princess

perverted cupcake magnets from seller KillTaupe

Or this jewel from seller wilibleu:

And....just in case you aren't yet impressed with my totally random stuff for the day, I have the following for you:

I will let you figure out what they say....