Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm going to Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)

Ooooh la la, my bags are packed. I have my laptop (since I just can't be away from internet for that long), lots of magazines, a Nicholas Sparks book, and the thought of having a hotel room all to myself. Silence. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how nice that sounds. Being an only child, I need my silence- my alone time. I get very cranky if I don't have a little every now and then. I probably won't be in my room for too long by myself because I am going to try to sneak over to Angie's room as much as possible to see Mr. Cutie Pie Patrick.
Anne won't be with us though. My spirit has a small chip in it because I know that things will not be the same without her. We want Justin to get better though and she needs to be with him to make sure he behaves. She will be missed. I had to promise I would dance a jig though, just for her. And I will. I don't break promises.
I have some other exciting news today though. My work has yet again made it to the internet. I am so excited. If you get a chance to make it over here: This place is the greatest. I have made such a fun group of friends there as we all have the love of all things paper related. And sticker, ribbon, buttons, glitter, pictures, and crop related. If you are ever in the Decatur area, please make sure to stop by. These girls are HILARIOUS.

Well, I will try to blog from my hotel but if not I will be home Sat. Wish me luck!