Monday, September 22, 2008


In light of the bad mood funk I have been in recently, I remain amazed by the power of friendship. I believe that I have been blessed with some truly wonderful friends and want to dedicate a post to these lovely ladies. I was so touched by my friend Anne babysitting at the last minute for us this weekend. She has no idea how much it meant to us. She even managed to take Parker and the dog for a walk (something that even I am not brave enough to do)!
Angie, Anne, Shannon, and Veronica...... We are a crazy bunch. Lord knows we have some crazy stories that we will never ever utter to our children, for the fear that they might get some really bad ideas. What always amazes me is that, in this group of women, we each bring such different qualities to the group. Different views, different traits, different beliefs, and different talents. Combined though, we make a pretty great team. I am so incredibly lucky to have these girls in my life. I fear that any man that crosses one of us the wrong way is in for quite an assault from the rest of us.
My life has definetly dealt some blows (especially by a man who may remain nameless, but his name starts with E) and my girls have been there to listen for countless hours. One friends husband even offered to go beat him up the night he hit me. I will never forget that as long as I live.
So girls, if any of you read this crazy blog..... I hope you know how much each of you means to me. I love you all and count my blessings every day to have you in my life. Smooches! - A


Anne said...

I love you too!! You are right - we really make each other better. And I'd hate to be the person that crosses us!!

Thank you for being who you are. You always bring a smile to my face!! You are so creative, caring, and courageous!! I'm so proud of you!!

I'm here anytome you need me!!

- Anne