Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Sleepy.....

Wow- what a busy day. Actually the last two days have been pretty crazy. Yesterday I only worked half a day so that I could go to the dentist. Good News- they think the jaw pain is from a cavity and not from TMJ. The TMJ would have required surgery. Even though it looks like the cavity will require a crown it still isn't surgery.
Today I spent most of the day driving a client to and from ankle surgery. It was pretty funny. The nurses thought I was his wife. Um, not quite ghostrider. I did get to take him home, make him lunch, and make sure he was all good. It was an experience to say the least.
So, while I was waiting for the surgery to finish up, I took advantage of the spare time to shop. I think I found a dress for Veronica's wedding. I did find a great pair of black pants since mine were looking a little dingy. You wanna know something funny? I have started watching the show What Not To Wear recently so anytime I try a new look or try something on, I try to think of what they would say on that show. Unfortunately, I was given a big, funky frame and a poor sense of fashion so I fear that they would laugh at me. Oh well. I can only do so much.

Speaking of a big frame, I have a new enemy. These candy corn kisses are so good. I bought one bag yesterday and sadly, they are almost all gone. I will not be buying another bag because I cannot handle the temptation. On a better note, I am starting Weight Watchers again next Tuesday night. I am also going to start getting up at 4:30 and walking for an hour on the treadmill. Yay. I have got to get into a class at the Y. I have heard great things about the ZUMBA class and cannot wait to try it out. I finally feel the urgency to get in control of my weight. I could tell a difference today when trying on dresses, I was able fit in a smaller size. That was the perfect motivation for me.
Our two year anniversary is next Tuesday and I want to be healthy enough to make it at least 48 more years with that wonderful man. We both know that we need to get in shape but we are also each others biggest enablers. If one of us wants ice cream then the other one agrees they want it too. And so it goes. Our third year of amrriage is going to start off in a new frame of mind. Next year, when we celebrate our anniversary we might just go somewhere that requires a bathing suit.....and maybe, just maybe, I will wear one.