Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend recap

What a great weekend. The kind where you don't have TOO much to do.... perfect for me. I was able to take some muscle relaxers and alleviate the jaw pain. I haven't had to take any pain meds for two days now. Thank you Lord. I had a meeting on Saturday morning concerning being a room parent for Parker's class. I have to come up with an art project that will be auctioned off in November. Um hello? Did someone say art project? Being a room parent is truly the job I was meant to have. Now lets hope I come up with something good. There cannot be in alcohol in the basket so that cuts out a lot of possible themes for me. LOL
Parker had his first soccer game on Saturday. He scored two goals. He was so excited. I was not at the game because Mike and Parker had gone early to watch and Mike called me to inform me of the chaos taking place at the soccer fields. Traffic jams from both directions. So, I decided to sit that one out but will be front and center at the next game. Let me just tell you that that boy was dressed with his cleats on at 7:30 Saturday morning. His game wasn't until 9:45. Eager? Just a bit. Nervous? Not at all.
Yesterday, we found out that the people that just moved in across the street from us have two kids that go to the afterschool program with Parker. I think he has a secret little crush on the little girl who is a year younger than he is. Well, the little girl came over and asked Parker if he wanted to have a playdate and Parker hid behind a tree (what a ladies man). Eventuallly he got over his shyness and ended up playing with Will and Carley for hours yesterday afternoon. I am so happy for him to have some friends close by.
So, that's about all. I tried multiple times to get in my scrap room to get creative, but never got anything done. My Cupcakes and coffee class started this morning and I am so anxious to get home and start on my first project. So cute. I will have to poast pics once I get some things finished up.
Have a happy Monday. I am going to try my best to make it all day here at work. I was on the phone with a client at 5 am and was in the office at 7:30 to try and resolve the problems. Ugh- such is life. Thank goodness for Starbucks.