Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Using your brain is bad for the body.

Ok, so I got to thinking last night. It's a rare thing, but it occasionally happens. I realize that I wanted this blog to be a fun outlet full of fun scrappy stuff. Unfortunately, given the stressful situations that have popped up in the last week, it has gotten a little dreary here. Not a fun read. So I am going to get back onto fun stuff. The mindless stuff that normally runs through this brain. I will start with pure happiness. It started when I heard that the New Kids On The Block were coming out with a new CD. I got really giddy and was looking forward to going to their concert. Unfortunately, I wasn't giddy enough to spend $90 on a ticket. But, when I heard that 90210 was coming back...... Oh lordy be! I was thrilled. Last night was the 2 hour premiere. I really liked it. Albeit, the girls are now way too thin and wear as little clothes as possible. They already showed drug use in the first episode, which was something that wasn't mentioned until, I think, season 3 in the first show (remember when Dylan went through that weird phase after his dad got blown to bits?). Mike watched the first 5 minutes and thought it was pure stupidity. But, I was hooked. It was like I suddenly morphed back to being a silly teenager watching mindless tv. Mindless is good, especially when you have bigger stuff going on. Gotta give that brain a break.