Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today's Lesson: Optimism

So, I'm trying really hard to be positive today since I am in excrciating pain and cannot focus on anything but that. I figure if I try really hard to be optimistic then maybe the pain will just miraculously vanish. So.....

Negative: My mouth hurts more than any of the bones I have broken in my life.
Positive: The pain is making me not want to eat ao maybe I can drop a few pounds if the pain persists.

Negative: I have taken two lortabs in 4 hours and they have not done a darn thing for the above stated pain.
Positive: Since I know the things don't help with the pain there is no chance in hell of me ever getting addicted to them since I know that they do not truly serve their purpose.

Negative: I have been told that I need to eat only soft foods tonight.
Positive: I can eat a whole box of Kraft Mac n Cheese without feeling guilty (Yes, the yellow powder kind since that is truly the best. stuff. ever.)

Negative: I will have to miss Parker's soccer practice.
Positive: I will have a quiet house in which to go home, crawl under the covers, and sleep (with the help of some flexeril and advil PM).

Negative: This pain has cost me more than I make in a month (when all is said and done)
Positive: yeah, well.....can't think of anything positive on this one. That is enough optimism for one day. Don't want to get TOO happy.

Please pray for me and my mouth. It seriouly feels like my jaw is attempting to give birth to a small watermelon.