Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Party's On

FINALLY, things are moving in the jaw pain ordeal. I got on the phone with the oral surgeon and got an appt for this Thursday. Booyah! Mind you, I will still keep the appt with the ENT (just in case), I just got sick and tired of repeated referrals and getting the run around, so I took matters into my own hands. Maybe, just maybe, we can get something done. I am getting sick of soft foods.
Also, I used my hour this morning (which was one of the few pain free hours since I had just taken an anti inflammatory) and cleaned up my scrap room. Man- it was a mess. I still find it amazing how one hobby can amass so many freaking supplies. I need to take pictures. Having been in bed for so long, I really have a lot of pent up creativity. I also have three projects unfinished which is higly unlike me. I generally have one project finished up and am anxiously awaiting the second project in the mail. So, my top priority is to start creating. I do have a slight problem, I have noticed that while working on any type of crafty project, I grit my teeth together. I heard once that Michelangelo almost groud his teeth down to the gum while painting the Sistine Chapel, so perhaps it is a sign of a creative genius. (Just kidding- that bit is not even close to being true) And while this may be fine for some, it is not for a girl whi is currently taking heavy narcotics for pain that stems from grinding her jaw. Oh well. I may just wear that goofy nightguard while I scrap. That will serve a dual purpose- not grinding my teeth and not snacking on treats in the treat bucket. A-ha. Is there a mouthguard for everyday life?